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CDG Virtual Coffees

CDG Virtual Coffees

When are they taking place?1st Thursday of every month.


The first edition is on 5th November at 4 p.m (CET).

The topic of this 1st CDG Virtual Coffee is Immunological involvement in CDG (more information HERE). Rita Francisco is going to be the main speaker.

Please confirm your attendance until 1st November by filling in this Google Form HERE.


Why are we organizing this initiative? Because the CDG Community (Families + Professionals) more than ever need a virtual and open networking forum.


What are the CDG Virtual Coffees? A platform where relevant topics for CDG will be shared and discussed. They will mainly be related to clinical and research aspects. English is the primary language.


How long are they? Every CDG Virtual Coffee will take 30 min.


Who can participate? It is open to all audiences and free of charge (primary audience: CDG Families and Professionals, but all of those interested or working in biology, medicine, or related fields). Note that participation certificates are available upon request

AND, if you are a CDG Professional interested in presenting your work or a patient association with some exciting new initiative, please reach out to us to sindromecdg@gmail.com and we are happy to have you taking over our virtual café.

ATTENTION: We plan to record each edition of the CDG Virtual Coffee. Please understand that by attending our CDG Virtual Coffees you will be acknowledging and agreeing to that.

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